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Eritrea was formerly an Italian colony in the horns of Africa and gradually emerged on the tourist scene from 1890 to 1947; and is now designated under UNESCO as a World Heritage site owing to the intriguing evolution in architecture.

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The Imperial Palace


Dahlak Marine National Park







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Eritreans are unbelievably kind, welcoming, and hospitable people who exhibit their nature in sharing food. Large dishes of soft Injera are given to everyone breaking parts of Injera and scooping up the stew in the common nature. The meal is like sourdough flatbread with a spongy feel. Eritreans like a stew that is prepared with wonderful spices and herbs in most of their recipes. After the dinner, everybody participates in a coffee ceremony, wonderful sweetened coffee with a ginger touch, and big bowls of popcorn while talking about the day’s events.

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