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Ethiopia is a fantastic location, a big source of Blue Niel, the cradle of humankind, and you should at least attempt to visit there once in a lifetime. Ethiopia is the 10th-largest country in Africa, located in the Horn of Africa and has a rich and fascinating history as its own. Ethiopia, a prideful country, was the only non-Colonized African nation in its early years and preserved its culture and heritage.

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Simien Mountains National Park

Gondar Castle



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Harar Ber

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It will be difficult to see all of Ethiopia in one visit, but you will not be disillusioned if you set out a clear objective. Ethiopia boggles the imagination of those of you with an outdoor love. In this great nation, there is so much to see. First, put your eyes on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and then follow the numerous well-known routes for your stay.

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